Manage Admin Menus

There are many admin management plugins available but none of them seem to completely manage the main admin menu – especially after new plugins are installed. I searched and searched but could not find something lightweight and fast to implement on my multisite network. Yes: Multisite compatible.

The plugin is installed and “Network Activated”. This enables both a Network menu page and an admin menu page per site unless otherwise specified under the network page. One can force the network settings on all sites or have specific settings per site – you choose. ┬áThe idea is to allow menu items on sites on a Multisite network. If you force the settings, head on over to the main site on your network and edit the menus there, saving once.

The┬áplugin will allow you to manage your admin menus and you can edit settings per role. Select any user role from the dropdown and edit the settings (menu items) available to that role. i.e. You may want Administrators to have all access, but you dont want them to see things like Appearance – allowing them to change themes. You may then wish to allow Editors on your site, but only allow them access to Posts, and so on. I’ve also used the plugin successfully with user role editors – allowing further management of what specific user roles see.

Here is the latest version:




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