Contact Form 7 – HTML on mail fields

This is the first plugin I’ve submitted to – really out of my curious nature to get the ball rolling while I develop some awesome plugins with serious functionality. Training clients to use Contact Form 7 is pretty simple and FAQ’s and Doc’s are available on-line BUT how many average users can really code in HTML without a WYSIWYG editor?

Enter Contact Form 7 HTML Editor!

The plugin assumes one is already using Contact Form 7 – a popular contact form building plugin available here: I use it on all my sites to create contact forms quickly and without much fuss. The problem faced by most users is formatting the actual form using the textarea in the plugin. You can’t see what you are doing unless you understand HTML or copy and paste the HTML into a post/page and edit it there until ready and then paste it back. Why not edit it right there?

The plugin adds a little ‘toggle editor’ button under the textarea where one adds shortcode to build their forms in the Contact Form 7 plugin. It also adds a little button to the mail textarea so one can format this too. All you have to do is tick the “use HTML content type” check box and you’re good to go. Your beautifully formatted forms and mail submissions will be sent as HTML creating an impressive delivery.



Contact Form & HTML Editor

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